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Fireplace in memory of John Aldred (1863-1925), Treasurer of the Society.

Facade with four columns and main entrance of the South Place Chapel at Finsbury Park.

Interior view of South Place Chapel, showing the raised stage, the curved section of the left and right balconies - with seating, and the seating fronting the stage and to the left and right. The wall behind the stage has three panels (rounded tops)…

Interior view showing the back of South Place Chapel, with the organ, clock, paintings and sculpture.

A formal dinner and music concert taking place in the hall of South Place Chapel. In the background is the stage with a grand piano and attached to the curtains at the back of the stage is the portrait of John Saunders.

Pamphlet for a new building funding appeal.

A syllabus of architectural lectures given by G. A. T. Middleton, A.R.I.B.A., M.S.A., secretary of the Society of Architects, at South Place Institute

A two lecture series on architecture called "Why buildings are interesting" given by F. Herbert Mansford at the South Place Ethical Society in 1897.

South Place Ethical Society Souvenirs presented to SG Green, Secretary of South Place Ethical Society. Volume commemorates 100 years since the opening of the Chapel at South Place, (1824-1924), and 150 years of South Place Ethical Society,…
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