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A report of the South Place Chapel committee regarding proposed alterations and repairs of the chapel presented to the members July 11th 1880.

An architectural drawing showing the proposed alteration to the gallery of South Place Chapel, Finsbury, at half inch scale. Dated 7 August 1876.

Draft text for parchment to be inserted in a bottle and placed under the foundation stone of South Place Chapel when it was built in 1824. Returned to George Hickson of South Place by Alfred James Waterhouse in 1876.

Pen illustration of South Place Chapel, Finsbury showing the front of the building and people standing in front of the building on the street.

A letter from Matthew Allen to George Hickson, 7 March 1876, about the estimated cost for the proposed alteration to the gallery of South Place Chapel.

A letter from Stanley Gardner to S. G. Green, 19 January 1939, returning some old documents (the plans by Henry George Brace). These were found among the papers of A. E. Fenton, a partner of Rochester, Pusey & Co. now deceased.

A formal dinner and music concert taking place in the hall of South Place Chapel. In the background is the stage with a grand piano and attached to the curtains at the back of the stage is the portrait of John Saunders.

Interior view of South Place Chapel, showing the raised stage, the curved section of the left and right balconies - with seating, and the seating fronting the stage and to the left and right. The wall behind the stage has three panels (rounded tops)…

Interior view showing the back of South Place Chapel, with the organ, clock, paintings and sculpture.

Colour photograph showing the plaque commemorating the site of South Place Chapel, Finsbury.
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