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First floor plan and transverse view of hall and library at Conway Hall.

Basement plan and interior elevation facing south.

Architectural plan showing front elevation of left wing of Conway Hall stage.

Building plan of basement of Conway Hall showing tank piers.

Building plan showing basement and ground floor plan of Conway Hall for laying of oil firing.

Colour photo of exterior of Conway Hall from Red Lion Square. Parked cars and a van in shot,

Black and white photo of Mr Edwin Perry, caretaker at Conway Hall, standing outside the main door with his dog on a lead.

Black and white photograph of the interior of Conway Hall taken from a corner of the balcony looking down at the closed stage curtain.

A black and white photo, strongly lit, of the main hall of Conway Hall from a rear corner showing rows of seats and the balcony.

Gordon Honey Interview 64 bitrate.mp3
An interview with Gordon Honey, a tenor who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s, by Rosa Vilbr.
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