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Plan showing design for wall light fitting for main hall of Conway Hall. Drawing no. 784/51-C.

A letter from Robert Lynd to Charles Delisle Burns, 22 March 19? saying that other members of the Society would object to his name being attached to the fundraising appeal due to his views, especially J. M. Robertson.

Gordon Honey Interview 64 bitrate.mp3
An interview with Gordon Honey, a tenor who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s, by Rosa Vilbr.

A letter from Harley Granville-Barker to "my dear sir" saying that he does not wish to have his name included with the list of supporters for the building funding appeal.

Conway Hall alterations to form administrative area

Architectural plan showing draft detail for additional kitchen.

Pen illustration of Conway Hall showing the front of the building and people standing in front of it on the street.

Plan showing elevation of 49 Theobalds Road with sign design (Scheme 'A').

Circuit diagram for PR/M50/60/3 to be used in emergency lighting. Drawing no. 55/13/182.

Cubicle layout for PR/M50/60/3 to be used in emergency lighting. Drawing no. 55/13/183
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