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A letter from Sir Arthur Keith to 'dear sir,' dated 18th March 1926, granting use of his name for the building fundraising appeal.

Certificate of contract for redemption of Land Tax on site of 25 Red Lion Square and 49 and 51 Theobalds Road, (1 January 1926). (1) Commissioners for Redemption of Land Tax (2) Trustees of South Place Ethical Society Certificate that (1) and (2)…

Certificate of contract for redemption of Land Tax on 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 Lambs Conduit Passage, (13 June 1912). (1) Commissioners for Redemption of Land Tax (2) Algernon Augustus de Lille Strickland of Apperley Court, Tewkesbury, Glos,…

Letter from Norman Angell to Delisle Burns saying that he allows the use of his name by the Appeal Committee but not to expect any work or money from him.

A letter from Robert Lynd to Charles Delisle Burns, 22 March 19? saying that other members of the Society would object to his name being attached to the fundraising appeal due to his views, especially J. M. Robertson.

A letter from Matthew Allen to George Hickson, 7 March 1876, about the estimated cost for the proposed alteration to the gallery of South Place Chapel.

A report of the South Place Chapel committee regarding proposed alterations and repairs of the chapel presented to the members July 11th 1880.

A letter from Stanley Gardner to S. G. Green, 19 January 1939, returning some old documents (the plans by Henry George Brace). These were found among the papers of A. E. Fenton, a partner of Rochester, Pusey & Co. now deceased.

Counterpart lease of [19 and 20] Lambs Conduit Passage, (20 January 1685/6). (1) Sir Richard Fisher of St James Clerkenwell, bart. (2) Sir Thomas Halton of Watlingstreete, London, bart. (3) Richard Halton of St John St, Middx, gent. (4) George…

Counterpart lease of [15,17,18,19,20] Lambs Conduit Passage, (3 July 1778). (1) John Freeman of Chute Lodge, Wilts, esq (2) Owen Griffis of Wardour St Soho, Middx, carpenter and joiner (1)-(2) [5 houses on north side of Lambs Conduit Passage…
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