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Interior view of South Place Chapel, showing the raised stage, the curved section of the left and right balconies - with seating, and the seating fronting the stage and to the left and right. The wall behind the stage has three panels (rounded tops)…

Black and white photograph of the interior of Conway Hall taken from a corner of the balcony looking down at the closed stage curtain.

A black and white photo, strongly lit, of the main hall of Conway Hall from a rear corner showing rows of seats and the balcony.

This image has been taken from scan 000540 from "The Municipal Parks Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: their history and associations ... Illustrated, etc". The title and subject terms of this image have been generated from tags, created by users…

Architectural plan showing front elevation of left wing of Conway Hall stage.

Plan of Conway Hall. Drawing 4A (revised)

Plan for revised air intake housing at Conway Hall. Drawing no. 641/15

Blueprint plan showing proposed heating, ventilation and hot water service for Conway Hall. Drawing No. 641/9.

Circuit diagram of a thyristor controller to be used in emergency lighting. Drawing no. 86/60/230.

Half inch scale design of proposed illuminated sign for Conway Hall. Design no. 57880.
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