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View of corridor of model of Conway Hall as seen from the north side.

Three 1:20 scale architecture models of significant public buildings in London, Chandos House, Fishmonger's Hall and Conway Hall made by final year undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge studying with Tom Emerson, director of 6a…

Facade with four columns and main entrance of the South Place Chapel at Finsbury Park.

This image has been taken from scan 000540 from "The Municipal Parks Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: their history and associations ... Illustrated, etc". The title and subject terms of this image have been generated from tags, created by users…

Blueprint plan showing proposed heating, ventilation and hot water service for Conway Hall. Drawing No. 641/9.

A blueprint plan showing a floor plan and transverse section of South Place Chapel and adjacent buildings that will have their Ancient Lights affected by the erection of a new building at the rear of the chapel.

A plan showing a building that was being erected and how it affects the Ancient Lights of South Place Chapel, 24 November 1898.

Plan showing design for wall light fitting for main hall of Conway Hall. Drawing no. 784/51-C.

Plan showing design for large light fitting for main hall of Conway Hall. Drawing no. 744/1-51.

A plan of Vestry Hall, City Road at 1/4 scale.
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