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Interior view of the Red Lion Square entrance to Conway Hall.

Interior view of a model of the main hall of Conway Hall towards several entrances.

Interior view of the main hall of Conway Hall from the stage towards the main entrance of the hall.

View of the ground floor passage on the south side of the main hall at Conway Hall.

View from the ground floor looking upwards of the eastern stairwell at Conway Hall.

View of corridor of model of Conway Hall as seen from the north side.

Three 1:20 scale architecture models of significant public buildings in London, Chandos House, Fishmonger's Hall and Conway Hall made by final year undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge studying with Tom Emerson, director of 6a…

View of niche, intended to hold a bust of Moncure Conway, and wooden bench in the Conway Hall foyer.

A letter from Sir Arthur Keith to 'dear sir,' dated 18th March 1926, granting use of his name for the building fundraising appeal.

A letter from P. Chalmers Mitchell to Dr. Delisle Burns saying that although he sympathises with most of the Society's objects he cannot support of the use of his name in the Society's appeal.
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