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Gordon Honey Interview 64 bitrate.mp3
An interview with Gordon Honey, a tenor who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s, by Rosa Vilbr.

A photograph of Gordon Honey, a retired professional singer who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s.

Gordon Honey Interview Summary.pdf
A time-stamped summary of an interview with Gordon Honey.

Interior view of the Red Lion Square entrance to Conway Hall.

View of niche, intended to hold a bust of Moncure Conway, and wooden bench in the Conway Hall foyer.

View of the ground floor passage on the south side of the main hall at Conway Hall.

Interior view of the main hall of Conway Hall from the stage towards the main entrance of the hall.

View from the ground floor looking upwards of the eastern stairwell at Conway Hall.

Interior view of the Red Lion Square entrance from the corridor of Conway Hall.

A carved relief, William Rawlings 1859-1930, on the right-hand side of a South Place Ethical Society lectern.
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