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20160923 Digitisation Operational Manual 1.0.pdf
A how-to guide for digitisation at the Humanist Library and Archives, Conway Hall.

Digitisation Policy 2016.pdf
A digitisation policy for the Humanist Library and Archives at Conway Hall, 2016-2019.

20161117 Companion Guide for Copyright Due Diligence A.pdf
A companion guide for the copyright due diligence checklists and guides supplied by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

20160426 Scoping Platforms.pdf
A platform scoping document for the Humanist Library and Archives, Conway Hall.

20160817 Conway Hall Digital Collections metadata guide.pdf
A guide to creating Dublin Core metadata for digital collections created on Omeka.

Front view of shops, offices and flats designed by architect Frederick Herbert Mansford.

Front view of semi-detached house designed and lived in by Frederick Herbert Mansford.

Gordon Honey Interview Summary.pdf
A time-stamped summary of an interview with Gordon Honey.

A photograph of Gordon Honey, a retired professional singer who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s.

Gordon Honey Interview 64 bitrate.mp3
An interview with Gordon Honey, a tenor who sang at Conway Hall in the 1960s, by Rosa Vilbr.
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