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Letter from Norman Angell to Delisle Burns saying that he allows the use of his name by the Appeal Committee but not to expect any work or money from him.

Certificate of contract for redemption of Land Tax on site of 25 Red Lion Square and 49 and 51 Theobalds Road, (1 January 1926). (1) Commissioners for Redemption of Land Tax (2) Trustees of South Place Ethical Society Certificate that (1) and (2)…

A letter from Sir Arthur Keith to 'dear sir,' dated 18th March 1926, granting use of his name for the building fundraising appeal.

A letter from Harley Granville-Barker to "my dear sir" saying that he does not wish to have his name included with the list of supporters for the building funding appeal.

A letter from A. E. Houseman to the Honorary Secretary of the South Place Ethical Society saying that he does not wish his name to be included in the appeal committee.

A letter from P. Chalmers Mitchell to Dr. Delisle Burns saying that although he sympathises with most of the Society's objects he cannot support of the use of his name in the Society's appeal.
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