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Place of publication: London
Collation: 106 p. ; 19 cm.
Notes: Annotations in pencil and ink. Part of the NSS pamphlet collection.

Place of publication: London
Collation: 12, [2] p. ; 20 p.
Notes: Works by and about Charles Bradlaugh, and chief works of Thomas Paine, with extracts from reviews, listed on unnumbered pages at the end. Printed by A. Bonner, Took's Court, London.

A plan showing a building that was being erected and how it affects the Ancient Lights of South Place Chapel, 24 November 1898.

This image has been taken from scan 000540 from "The Municipal Parks Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: their history and associations ... Illustrated, etc". The title and subject terms of this image have been generated from tags, created by users…
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