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The Humanist Library and Archives Digital Collections  encompasses the digitised collections of Conway Hall Ethical Society. In addition to our digitised collections we include born digital items and material to provide context to the historical works offered here.

The Humanist Library and Archives intends to build on these collections by digitising more works from its library and archives collections. The physical collections are housed at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London.


  • Sophie Hawkey-Edwards (Library and Learning Manager) — exhibition writer.
  • Samantha Callaghan (Library, Archives and Digitisation Assistant) — digitisation project co-ordinator.


For the Architecture and Place project we would like to thank:

  • Jim Walsh, our CEO, for his enthusiastic support of our work on this project;
  • The Trustees of Conway Hall Ethical Society for their support, especially Carl Harrison who provided additional help in improving the descriptions of some of the physical items;
  • Our volunteers, Olwen Terris and Rebecca Price, for their hard work in describing the items included in the project, undertaking copyright due diligence for orphan works, digital image QA and checking the condition of items returned after scanning;
  • Gordon Terris, who helped us to date some of the photos included in this collection with his mastery of vehicle recognition;
  • Our colleagues, Martha Lee, Deborah Bowden and Sid Rodrigues, for their wide ranging help and support that they offered over the course of the project;
  • Gareth, for his keen eye and design skills for the promotional bookmarks and pamphlet to launch the project; and,
  • Sean Pike, for his technical savvy in relation to CSS and QA.